New obsession!
Hey! I think I want to design and make my own accesories from now on! Just made these:
I use old and new dingly things like old earrings and stuff and make them look new by using them on other designs I have on mind!:-)
I use elasticband as shown on the picture
Then I cut the bows from this old headband and glue them on to my elastic band
Then I use this old jewel from another bracelet and clue that on too...
Finally I add these cute hearts on and the final look: 


Fashion illustration: purple two piece

Hi guys! 
Met this amazing girl on instagram @artworldfashion that helped me sketch the female body a new way that I decided to try. This is what I came up with:


Shopping!! New fabric and next project

Been shopping today! Got some new fabrics and 10 zippers!:-))) 
This pink-ish grey-ish fabric I will use on my next project!!:-) jersey super soft
This is black fabric with some details:-) i will use this on my next project as well :-) 
And lastly, I will use this seethrough kind of light fabric with the black fabric for maxidresses skirts and tops and much more :-))) 

Fashion illustration: yellow&orange

I love the colors, soo ready for 

DIY high-low skirt

Hellluuu :-)
Why not take an old piece of clothing that you don't even use anymore and make it into something new and fashionable? :-) 
That's what I did today!:)

I lay it down on the two sides to cut it evenly
Then I just cut out the shape I wanted, and this is the final result:
Tell me what you think about it :)))


Red carpet - fashion illustration

Just sketched this dress!  I love how it turned out. I never really make faces on my models, and people always ask me to... Well, this is why I don't! It looks terrible :D what do you think???